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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bombed. Unidentified motorcycle-man lobbed a molotove bomb inside a parked DXCC patrol vehicle Tuesday at around 2:30 in the morning. The car is in total wreck. (Photo by Joey P. Nacalaban)


Anonymous said...

We should be careful in using the term "bomb". When my friends asked about it, they thought there was a big "explosion" that destroyed not only the van but the entire station. How one simple word could change peoples perception.

I would have prefered the word "burned".

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your suggestion. But when you say "burn" the context of the Molotov bomb lobbed at the station would have been diminished. Yes the car was burned, but the fire resulting from a Molotov cocktail--and Molotov, by all definition available--is a bomb. It was triggered by an incendiary bomb--and not all bombs create huge explosion as big as, shall we say, the Davao Airport blast.

One thing: the whole station could have been devoured by fire--if not for the immediate response of the firefighters.

I can understand, newswriting parlance is different from other forms of composition.

The Man behind the Photos

The Man behind the Photos
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