Do you feel that Cagayan de Oro is better under a new administration?


Friday, August 10, 2007

Re-inventing Traffic Solution. Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Constantino Jaraula and traffic officials launched Friday the Traffic Interactive Network Nurtured Enforcement Xystem (Oplan Ten-X), which also showcases the re-packaging of the Roads and Traffic Administration into a more professional traffic body.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah repackaging... but I doubt if this repackaging chuva of the CDO government will solve the traffic problem of CDO.

I am a commuter all my life and I know what's wrong in CDO's traffic... It is the drivers and the Traffic enforcers. Drivers are undisciplined, they don't obey traffic rules and regulations that serious and they don't mind traffic enforcers too, because those green uniformed RATs hahaha... (RTA) are untrained and mga talawan... they should enforce and do their job satisfactorily... My God!!! CDO roads are the worst road in the Philippines... everyday you can see actions like what you see in movies...

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