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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Renovated. Velez Street gets a new fix courtesy of First Dist. Rep. Rufus Rodriguez. The renovation is expected to finish after summer.


Anonymous said...

We have some interesting iinks to “the former yardmate/bestfriend” of Gordon “TexKano” Elletson. Gordon Elletson even stated this man Randall Chester Goings was a hero !!! This guy routinely posted on the net as Bubba Goings and Bubbabobbaker and this post will display exactly the kind of persons Gordy Elletson is attracting to CDO.

I wonder if Congressman Rufus Rodriguez knows he has this kind of scum living within a property that he owns. For sure this is not the kind of associations he would want as he is currently seeking re-election in Cagayan de Oro Philippines.

Anyway see below links as they display Gordy Elletsons best friend in regards to his criminal records and desire of bi-sexual women who stand 4′ tall although in his words “the smaller you are the more I will love you” Yikes how disgusting !!!!! But as they say birds of a feather flock together !!!!!!! #

Anyway, I once again wonder if Congressman Rufus Rodriguez knows the kind of perverted criminals living in his property as in a campaigning period it not to his advantage to have such associations

Anonymous said...

Now Mrs. Daisy Cline of Cagayan de Oro Philippines has stated on another forum that she holds charity events in brothels because that's where her husband, Alan Cline, can be found. I want to address her statements.

Daisy Cline in the photos your husband, Alan Cline, looks very old so I can only guess that you are not his first wife. I also do not know what he has told you about American life but rest assured most men in America , except the type you see on Jerry Springer show, do not bring their wives to brothels like the one seen in link below.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did decide to hold charity functions in a brothel because it is the only place you could do it and have your husband included. However, I must ask if you do not condone pimping then why is your name connected all over the Internet to pimps, criminals and brothels?

I mean you are a moderator of site in link below

Which is linked to sites below

And owned by the person in links below

Mrs Daisy Cline, Do you expect as to believe these are mere coincidences? Did your father take your mother to brothels? Did your lolo take your lola? I ask as I am interested in why a lady of God and Charity is so connected to seedy persons. Do you not see the harm in supporting the very pimps who are profiting through exploiting the people you state you wish to help? Or are you there trying to bring the prostitutes to Christ?

Anonymous said...

A special page has been made on the SEXPAT BLOG as a tribute to Bradley Hughes who resides in Cagayan De Oro Philippines.

Bradley Hughes has gone far and beyond the call of duty in exposing Gordon Elletson, Michael Mountstephen ( Spooks whorehouse owner )and etc.

Bradley Hughes even came up with the brilliant idea of linking Congressman Rufus Rodriguez , of 2cd District CDO , to the SEXPATS that his home is harboring.

Bradley Hughes has been a extreme help to the advocacy and for his cooperation and good deeds the Sexpat blog owner has decided to dedicate a entire page to the bravery which defines Bradley Hughes .


Anonymous said...

As if the situation with Gordon Elletson and Rufus Rodriguez wasn't enough we now have a Cagayan de Oro based Hubo-Hubo bar owner (a pimp) by the name of Michael Mountstephen stating in no uncertain terms that he has political protection in Cagayan de Oro.

I wonder what the price of impunity is in CDO? Who knows but this Hubo-Hubo bar owner states its cheaper than in Cebu and goes on to state the Mayor and a News Paper editor are amongst his protectors.

Please see below link for direct quotes regarding the statements this expatriate is making.

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